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    s/o to all the autistic teens and adults relearning how to stim. your hands don’t need to be quiet any more.

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    people who say ”romantic love is what makes you human!!!!” are actually right. aromantic people are, in fact, gods in disguise, traveling in the human world to observe and study the humans and their weakpoints, in order to eventually eliminate them all and take over their world

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    Remus Arthur Potter, you were named after two men who looked out for my safety and cared about my well-being out of altruism and decency rather than because I was a tool for them to use or because I was someone’s son.

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    night vale putting in casual nonbinary representation + using gender neutral pronouns


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    Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word

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    Even the most sexed up man in all of history knew that taking advantage of women was never ok.

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    in the tumblr tagging system, unsourced artwork is considered especially heinous. on this blogging platform, the users who source these felonies are part of an elite task force called the source your fucking artwork unit. these are their stories.



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    girl: spank me daddy

    me: I am not ready to be a father

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    "your password is weak"

    You’re the weak one
    And you’ll never know love, or friendship
    And I feel sorry for you

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    Feminist dating site


    There really should be a inclusive dating site for feminists where you have comprehensive lists of sexuality romantic orientation and gender identity. You can specify exactly what you’re looking for. Tell people your triggers so they don’t trigger you. You can rate the people you talk to and comment. If someone is reported for being bigoted or rude their conversation will be reveiwed and if they are guilty they will be suspended and if it occurs again they will be removed.

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    To discover that the person who’s changed who you have you become does not feel the same way is heartbreaking.

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this is exactly what loathing looks like. do not question the man
I apologize in advance if I keep talking about this song but it amuses me to no end


    this is exactly what loathing looks like. do not question the man

    I apologize in advance if I keep talking about this song but it amuses me to no end

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